Friday, October 16, 2009

How To Get Started With Face Painting

So you’ve decided you would like to learn how to paint faces. You want to see your painting bringing joy and delight to young children, maybe at your child’s birthday party. Or maybe you want to be a professional face painter.

Face painting really can be a very fun and fulfilling job, but it can also be a lot of hard work.

But if you’re a beginner, how do you get started? This is what I’m going to answer for you in this article.

One of the best ways of learning is to take a face painting class. It’s hard to say where to find a face painting class near you. Sometimes you can take face and body painting classes at college. Sometimes you can get free face painting classes at certain events. If you were to search Google for “face painting class + your area” you may be able to find someone who can give you some tuition.

If you want to learn advanced face painting techniques, classes are one of the best ways of learning, especially if you want to improve your painting skills quickly.

If you can’t find face painting classes in your area (they aren’t always many around, so it’s certainly no crime if you can’t fine one) then you may like to learn from face painting instructional books.

If you search a popular book site like Amazon, you’ll be able to find a whole host of books to do with face painting. Read the reviews to find out which is best suited for you.

Another good way for a beginner to learn face painting, is with instructional videos. The obvious benefit over books is that you can actually see how something is done in a video, as apposed to just reading about it.

But sometimes, if you’ve already got some face painting skills, all you need is a little experience to help you build your confidence.

Would you like to know the quickest way to get lots of practice?

It’s simply this: Contact your local children’s school and offer to do free face painting for an afternoon. Now you may get turned down… but most likely, they will be very keen to let you do this if you aren’t charging anything. This is a powerful way to gain experience fast.


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