Friday, October 16, 2009

Body Painting - 3 Steps to Find the Best Supplies

Ready to get started body painting, but don't know what to use, how to get started or where to find the right supplies? Here's the 3 steps to finding and using good body painting supplies.

Step 1. Know what kind of body painting supplies you need:

There are many kinds of paint out there, and most are not for body painting. If you use the wrong kinds of paint, you may end up with you (or whoever you paint) having a mild to severe allergic reaction to the paint.

A mild reaction could be hives or a body rash. A severe reaction could be difficulty breathing. So don't take this lightly, and get the right paints to start with.

The right kind of body paint is tested for use on human skin and safe to use for overall body painting. They say they are for body painting specifically. Personally I would not go for the 'cheap' good deals on body paint, but would get the best to start with. It's not much more money, and you may as well be safe.

You will also want to get some good brushes and sponges for body painting. You don't need to invest in very expensive brushes, but I would suggest using natural fibers and not the very cheap kinds of craft brushes that will have the hairs falling out as you are using them. Also, cheap stiff brushes will be uncomfortable for the person you are body painting. So get some soft brushes, of 3 different sizes to start with:

- 1 very small with a pointed tip for fine detail
- 1 about a half inch wide
- 1 'fan' brush for blending

You will also want to get some sponges for body painting, in order to put light coats on and also for covering large areas quickly. You can find sponges in the same places you will find body paint. Which brings us to our next 'secret'...

Step 2. Know where to find materials for body painting:

There are two best suppliers for body paints and body painting that I have found.
If you look either of these names up on the internet you will be able to find the right kind of body painting supplies. (You are not likely to find these locally unless you live in a city that happens to have a body painting store or craft store that carries body painting supplies).

Snazaroo is marketed mostly for face painting, and in particular face painting for children. This is because Snazaroo fully complies with FDA and child safety guidelines. This are the only face paint that holds a "child toy safety rating." So if you are looking for the safest paint this would be a good choice.

The other two face and body painting suppliers that have great reputations out there are Kryolan and Mehron.

Kryolan mainly specializes in theatrical and professional body painting supplies, and Mehron is a pro makeup company that also specializes in body painting needs. You will find everything from paints to sponges to paint removal supplies at any of these suppliers, and the best way to find them is online.

Step 3. Know what kind of supplies will best fit your needs:

The main difference between these 3 face and body painting companies is that Snazaroo leans more toward kids and face painting supplies, While Kryolan and Mehron are marketed toward the adult, professional and theatre face and body painting crowd, and you will find a few more, higher grade options there.

Think about what you want to use your face or body paints for. Are you mainly going to be painting kid's faces at a birthday party? Or are you hoping to go into business as a pro body painter for a dance company?

If you're on a budget and want to just get started without investing too much, yet have good quality safe body paints, go with Snazaroo; if you're professional (or want more pro options) and are willing to spend a little more on your body painting, go with Kryolan or Mehron.

So that's it - go take a look and see what supplies would work best for you!

Bonus Tip: Get some baby wipes (natural ones, not the perfumed ones) to remove the paint quickly and easily.


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