Monday, July 18, 2011

Body Painting - Nude Female and Male Body Painting

Body painting is an art that uses the human body as a canvas. It is a form of painting pictures or spreading colours on human body to look is pleasant to the eyes of the viewers. It is an artistic application of exotic colours over the parts of body. No part is now a day safe from body painting! But the most of the work is done on the face.

When a person desire to show his or her desires on his or her face, he or she approaches a professional body painter. These painters paint and draw figures on face. Among young boys and girls, such face painting is in vogue when attending a party of a celebration. Festivals are preferred places for the body painters.

The History: In fact the human race as a whole is very fond of painting the bodies. This form of art is beloved to be a prehistoric one. In past we were used to paint our bodies with materials like natural dyes, paints and pigments. In some cases we use ash, vegetable colours and clay, too.

The Beliefs: It is believed that the paintings that we do make on our bodies have some extra sensual powers. Some of these paintings are thought to have magical powers with which one could ward off evil spirits or the tribal enemies. Such was thinking many races in past. However today, the painting of bodies is coined with celebration of auspicious occasions like New Year or a dance party. Same practices are prevailing in the indigenous populations of the countries like New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and certain parts of Africa.


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