Monday, November 16, 2009

Paul Gauguin - Painting Nude Females

Were we to make a list of the main post-Impressionist painters, the name of Paul Gauguin would be on top of the list. He is known for his innovative and bold experimental use of colours.

But the prime thing that made Paul Gauguin such a renowned artist was his capability to understand the inherent meaning of the subjects he painted. He caught the very meaning of the subjects he painted; and then he uploaded that onto the canvas, expressing the same with his impressionist style of painting.

The subject of painting human body has remained the most beautiful and perfect subject for depiction of their artistic prowess. The artists since the ages have exploited this subject and the human form through its depiction in their paintings. The human body, especially nude female body is a subject of first choice among the artists for the element of mysterious allure. But very few of these artists have done perfect justice to the natural beauty of women's body as the master painter Paul Gauguin has done through his artistic nude paintings.

Many painters have spent their entire life painting nude bodies of the female models. They respected and adored the women sitting for them; and they tried hard to beautify their looks. These painters tried laboriously for injecting liveliness into the portraits of the nude females they painted. The great painters from the time of renaissance have done much artistic endeavours to immortalise a simple smile on the face of the beautiful women or the alluring curves of the bodies of those fatal fames. Numbers of painters have used this subject of painting natural beauties of women, but very few have succeeded in the job as Paul Gauguin.


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