Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Face Painting Party - Birthday Ideas For Children

Arranging a birthday party for your child is a great way to make that day very special for him. These days, when everyone is so busy in their routines, these kinds of party arrangements bring few hours for kids to have fun.

There are many ways in which you can plan a birthday party. You can ask children, who are invited in the party, to come in the costume of their favourite cartoon characters. Or, you can have a theme; for example, if you are arranging a party for your daughter, you can have the theme of royal family; all kids will be wearing gowns and crowns etc. and your daughter can be the princess.

Although there are many other options available for birthday parties but face painting is a great activity for birthday parties of kids. Your child will feel special by having his/her face painted, and it will also help him/her to engage in creative imaginary play. Such birthday parties make people feel that it is a special experience for everyone in attendance.

Face painting includes whole face painting, partial face painting or simple designing. Well, if you paint the whole face of a child, it can help to create a mask effect, allowing him/her to take on the character of an animal, cartoon character, princess, or other popular character. You can hire a person for face painting or you can do it yourself as well. If you are willing for this, begin by practicing various designs on a paper so that you know how you are going to execute each design. It will be a great thing if you consider learning to paint a cat, dog, butterfly, princess, favourite cartoon character of your child and a clown. One important thing when painting faces is that you will have to do it fast, because children do not like to sit for long periods of time.

As kids have very low level of patience, you can have partial face painting activity as well; it takes less time. In partial face painting, eyes of the kids are painted to look like the character of their choice. Boys can get cat eyes instead of a whole face painted like a cat, and a girl may like to have fairy or clown eyes.

If you want to save time for other activities as well then there is also an option of simple designing on the face; you can paint anything from balloons to hearts, to animals, to cartoon characters. It is not at all difficult to learn these things, but you should practice before hand so that you can make the event special for your child.

If you want to have more fun and attractions, you can also use safe cosmetic glitters to make things more interesting. Give options in a copy or on the board to select their favourite design; this would be a great time for all.

You can also ask the other parents to help you out in this party. You can have a small competition as well for the interest of all attendees.


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